Thursday, 8 November 2012

Key Management Ratios: Third Edition

Master the management metrics that drive and control your business

ISBN 10: 0273663453
ISBN 13: 9780273663454
Author: Walsh, Ciaran
Page: 378

Business ratios are the guiding stars by which you steer your company's course; they provide your targets and your standards; they direct you towards the best long-term strategies as well as the smartest short-term solutions. You can't afford to leave them to the accountants. In Key Management Ratios, Third Edition, top financial educator Cieran Walsh teaches you everything you need to knowabout ratios to manage your business far more effectively. This book's thoroughly updated coverage includes: financial statements, balance sheets, and P&Ls; measures and drivers of operating performance; corporate liquidity, financial strength, and cash flow; determinants of corporate value; cost,volume, and price relationships; investment ratios, acquisition analysis, and Shareholder Value-Added (SVA). Simply put, Cieran Walsh enables you to link your company's financial fundamentals to its day-to-day operations--so you can make smarter decisions based on better information

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