Thursday, 15 October 2009

Towards New Global Strategies: Public Goods and Human

Product Category : Books
ISBN : 9004155074
Title : Towards New Global Strategies: Public Goods and Human Rights
EAN : 9789004155077
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher : BRILL
Publication Date : 2007-11-15
Pages : 520


This book aims to contribute to the debate on global public goods, a debate which has been taking place for some time in the UN and the World Bank, among the regional development banks and bilaterally among states and donors. There is a need for new visions and strategies and to examine global infrastructure on the basis of the idea that global public goods, including human rights, contribute to cohesion at local, regional and international levels. The book investigates the possibilities and disadvantages of applying the idea of public goods in a global context. It explains the history of the concept and its significance for human rights. The authors include, in addition to academics, representatives from public institutions, civil society organizations, independent consultants, the media and the private sector.


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